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Wake up and smell the smoke.

Last I checked, it’s 2018. The human race has come a long way over its checkered history, building up vast storehouses of scientific facts and information. All our increased knowledge has led to increased wisdom, right? Not so fast, blog-breath. … Continue reading

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On vacation from leisure

Although MS and age conspire to make my memory as reliable as an ’87 Yugo, I can still recall much of my youth. Go figure. One recollection that has come to mind recently is the way the future was portrayed … Continue reading

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Ode to cinnamon and garlic

When it comes to food preparation, these are the essentials: Cinnamon and garlic.  It’s a rare dish that can’t be improved by one of these seasonings, though I’m at a loss to think of something that would benefit from both. … Continue reading

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