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Lies we believe #3

This series is infrequent, but worth revisiting.  It’s been almost two years since it was initiated.  It’s not for lack of lies that there hasn’t been a new entry.  If anything, it’s the difficulty in culling from the vast and … Continue reading

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Lies we believe #2

While we believe all sorts of lies, many of them are benign.  Our willingness to buy into these lies is dependent on our biases.  If I believe my life is tough here in the U.S., no amount of truth about … Continue reading

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Lies we believe #1

Every day we are confronted with messages from TV, books, newspapers, magazines, movies, music, and each other.  Many of the messages that we receive are lies.  Deliberately misleading fabrications.  Some are for profit, some for power, others simply for self-promotion. … Continue reading

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