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We are what we do

It’s always a good idea to remind oneself of the positive side of having MS. There are a few posts about the topic in this blog, here and here for example, not to mention references sprinkled throughout my years of … Continue reading

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Love is the only risk

From the Bureau of Little Known Multiple Sclerosis Facts comes this fascinating statistical anomaly related to the incidence of MS in a certain class of people. It’s little known because I just discovered it. Anyone who gave the matter even … Continue reading

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Happy MS Awareness Week!

Somehow, wishing people a “Happy MS Awareness Week” seems weird at best and morbid at worst.  How happy can it be?  If you don’t have MS, you can be happy about that fact, at least. What does it mean to … Continue reading

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Reckless Hate

Whenever the world is struck by a senseless act of violence such as hit Boston on Monday, I think of this quote from “The Two Towers”.  Theoden voices my frustration well.  We humans don’t do well with recklessness.  We want … Continue reading

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Of haters and name-callers

The latest method of marginalizing opponents, especially popular among the Politically Correct crowd, is to label one’s adversaries as “haters”.  Name-calling (see “communist“) is a time-tested way to declare intellectually bankruptcy while maintaining an attack posture.  It’s the pathetic last … Continue reading

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Everyone Says I Love You

The title of this post is shared by at least one (Marx Brothers) song and at least one (Woody Allen) movie.  Yet in my estimation, the sentiment is anything but true.  Everyone doesn’t say I love you.  In fact, very … Continue reading

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All are jerks…

A common thing for conservative Christians to say is, “I’m a sinner.”  That’s a biblical and prima facie truth. The problem with it is that it sounds so sanctimonious.  It doesn’t have any bite.  It borders on a badge of … Continue reading

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