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Top Ten things to do while in the MRI tube

If you have MS, you’ve spent more than your fair share of time buried in an MRI machine. It’s a little known fact that the MRI was invented by some obscure cleric during the Inquisition to extract confessions from suspected … Continue reading

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Questioning MRI

I’m a child of the 60’s and unapologetic about it. I was a hippie, a war protester, and a rock’n’roller when rock’n’roll was in its infancy. The values of that era continue to impact my behavior. I still have my … Continue reading

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Time on my hands

Recently I read that, during an average 80 year life span, we each spend 5 years of that time waiting. That’s right, doing nothing but waiting. Mundane time-killers such as being on hold on the phone (that uses up about … Continue reading

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MS and torture

Several years ago, the White House issued an executive order banning the use of torture as an interrogation technique. I’d have to say this is a Good Thing. A moral nation should try its best to avoid practices such as … Continue reading

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I know nothing!

ALS is often referred to as Lou Gherig’s disease, leprosy as Hansen’s disease.  I suggest we rename MS as Sgt. Schultz’s disease.  My reason for such an preposterous proposition is that, if you ask anyone what they know to be … Continue reading

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Lesser Known MS Sypmtoms

MS manifests itself with lots and lots (and lots more) of possible symptoms.  Some of them are pretty nasty.  Over the years, they just pile up until you’ve got yourself some serious disability. Here’s a partial list of some of … Continue reading

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