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Top Ten things to do while in the MRI tube

If you have MS, you’ve spent more than your fair share of time buried in an MRI machine. It’s a little known fact that the MRI was invented by some obscure cleric during the Inquisition to extract confessions from suspected … Continue reading

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Why I hang out with people with MS

It’s way cool to hang out with people with MS. There’s no others like them. You might think there are cooler people to hang out with. Wrong. Athletes? Nope. Movie stars, musicians, writers? Uh-uh. Politicians? You’re kidding, right? You won’t … Continue reading

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Lessons learned from a mother and daughter lost

As everyone doubtless knows by now, actor Carrie Fisher died on 12/27 followed the next day by her mother, the immensely talented Debbie Reynolds. Both performed in arguably the most iconic films of their respective generations, “Star Wars” and “Singin’ … Continue reading

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Healthcare quote of the day…

Several years ago, a prominent magazine published an article that discussed the problems doctors and researchers face in understanding, diagnosing, and treating illness. The changes in scientific beliefs as increasing knowledge constantly shifts the landscape, the conflicting motives of those … Continue reading

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My Disabled Savior

One of the great consolations of the Christian faith is that our Savior has identified with us in our humanity. Jesus was God incarnate, forced to deal with all the foibles of the flesh. He feels our pain. One of … Continue reading

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Auto-Immune Auto-response

Hello. Thank you for calling the Virtual Memorial Hospital Auto-Immune Disease Auto-Response Line.™ If this is a medical emergency, please hang up and call 911. Para español, presione el número “1“. Kreyòl ayisyen pou peze nimewo “2”. Za Hrvatski, pritisnite … Continue reading

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More good MS news

At every opportunity, I avail myself of the free meals, er, educational opportunities offered to the MS community by various organizations and pharmaceutical companies. (The MS Cure Fund calendar is an invaluable resource for this pursuit.) Usually, I’m already aware … Continue reading

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