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Welcome to Haiti, the s***hole

When a well-known racist refers to an entire nation of black people as a s***hole, what is he implying about its residents? He’s implying nothing, subtlety being beyond his middle school intellect. He’s saying outright that, in his opinion, the … Continue reading

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Accessing Haiti

Haiti on my mind… Perhaps because I’m (self-)publishing a novel about one girl’s life there. Or because Haiti is never far from my heart. After several trips and reading everything I can find about the place and working for a … Continue reading

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Sweet Phone O’ Mine

Living on a busy street, I get a curb’s-eye view of the world passing by. It can be entertaining and it can be educating, but it’s not always pretty. Too much of that world consists of massive trucks and illegally … Continue reading

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Phun Photos*

Just a few photos I took with my lame stupid-phone camera (no smart phone for me), thus the poor resolution. Is this a big enough problem that it requires a sign?  I suppose confetti is okay elsewhere. Maybe the confetti … Continue reading

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4000 word post

The subject line only applies if you adhere to the maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Cuz I’m posting four pictures.  (You do the math.) Another maxim says “talk is cheap”.  Writing, on the other hand, is … Continue reading

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