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What am I waiting for?

As a Christian, a follower of Jesus, I’m supposed to rely on the Bible as my rule of faith. Indeed I do. The Latin phrase, sola scriptura, is used to describe the doctrine to which most conservative Protestants ascribe: by … Continue reading

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Not what I will

Who among those of us who claim to follow Jesus Christ hasn’t at one time or another felt a kinship with His suffering? While our suffering pales compared to what He went through, those with MS or any chronic, debilitating … Continue reading

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DIY Psalms

While I’m a Monty Python fan in general, there’s a completely unfair line in “Monty Python’s Holy Grail”, attributed to God Himself, about the Psalms.  A blasphemous image of The Big Guy Upstairs says, “It’s like those miserable Psalms– they’re … Continue reading

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