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Why I hang out with people with MS

It’s way cool to hang out with people with MS. There’s no others like them. You might think there are cooler people to hang out with. Wrong. Athletes? Nope. Movie stars, musicians, writers? Uh-uh. Politicians? You’re kidding, right? You won’t … Continue reading

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Worms, Roxanne, worms!

(Note that the title has nothing to do with this post, except in the most oblique sense, noted below*.) I love words.  And when it comes to words, English is a treasure trove of the new and the old, the … Continue reading

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The tentpole sequel to the remake of the story based on…

As a moviegoer, aspiring screenwriter, and lover of stories, there is nothing more depressing to me than the current state of affairs in what we call “Hollywood”, i.e. the film industry, studio system, what-have-you. In a recent New York Times … Continue reading

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