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Christmas Cognitive Dissonance

Every year about this time, I’m torn. On the one hand, I love to celebrate the most wonderful, joyous, miraculous event in human history: God condescending to become an infant, born into poverty to an exiled couple to teach us … Continue reading

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A Lexus roasting on an open fire

Who the heck is buying all those overpriced luxury cars for Christmas presents?  Someone must be, because the ads are everywhere.  You can’t watch fifteen minutes of TV without seeing a Mercedes, Infiniti, or Audi with a big bow on … Continue reading

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Christmas villains reformed

[I know Christmas is already in the rear view mirror, but those things are indeed larger than they appear.  Thus one more visit to a ripe subject matter.] There are three “bad guys” in the pop culture version of Christmas.†  … Continue reading

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Christmas Denial

Everyone is in denial about Christmas.  Those who use words like “peace” and “goodwill” to describe the season have clearly never been to the mall after Thanksgiving.  It’s been called “the most wonderful time of the year”, but that phrase … Continue reading

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