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The Voice of God

Have you ever heard some spiritual superstar talk about how he or she “heard from God”? My hackles tend to rise immediately upon hearing such talk, invariably in the form of something like, “God told me I should do this”. … Continue reading

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I’ve been concerned of late about the frequency with which I start sentences with “I”.  I use it first in most sentences in verbal exchanges, blog entries, email, and just about every other form of communication.  I’m surely not alone … Continue reading

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MS and self

MS is a funny beast (funny strange, not funny ha-ha).  It affects a lot of things directly: walking, memory, balance, strength, emotions, and much more. Then it has secondary effects.  These are not symptoms of the disease, but problems caused … Continue reading

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Modern Spiritual Discipline#4

This is the fourth in my series of modern spiritual disciplines for those intent on improving their character and, for those disciples of Jesus, being transformed into His image.  The others can be found here, here, and here. I dare … Continue reading

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