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Sweet Charity

In the spirit of making the most of my limited time and energy during this, the most harried stretch of months on my calendar in any given year, I present sweet, simple advice on international aid. When people learn of … Continue reading

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Money for something

Every year about this time, I grovel. Begging has become one of my core competencies. I don’t mind, though. First of all, these are good causes. Second, it makes for a relatively easy post. Win-win. The events are also win-win … Continue reading

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Time to beg

Every year around this time, I slip into begging mode.  What used to be uncomfortable and daunting has sadly become natural and easy.  Part of the change can be attributed to simple repetition.  Do something long enough and it becomes … Continue reading

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Never forget… Haiti

We Americans are all about remembering past tragedies.  It goes back to (at least) the Alamo and has been followed by Wounded Knee, the Maine, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, all the way up to Boston Strong. This is a Good Thing.  … Continue reading

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Last minute trivia pitch

I have no time for a post today, although I’ve got plenty of topics to write about.  For the remainder of the week, my waking hours (which are less and less all the time) will be dedicated to preparing for … Continue reading

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Trivia fundraiser for Haiti

Forgive the blatant plug, but this is an important event and I want as many people to be aware of it as possible. On April 2, 2011, at 7:00 PM at the Chelmsford Country Club, Servants for Haiti is holding … Continue reading

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Advent Conspiracy

Christmas is insane.  Pure and simple.  There is no way around it.  If you don’t claim to follow Jesus, you’re OK.  You can celebrate – or not – any way you want.  But for those of us who profess an … Continue reading

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