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Killing ourselves softly

People with MS, especially the newly diagnosed, often ask, “Is MS fatal?” The good news is, in general, it isn’t. People with cases advanced enough can die from side effects such as infections and pneumonia, but that’s invariably late in … Continue reading

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The Mediocre Shepherd

Most folks don’t remember the old television show, “Candid Camera”. It has run, on and off, in one form or another since 1948. That’s quite a run. There has been more than one incarnation of the show and multiple attempts … Continue reading

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A good clique

In my previous post, I made the argument that cliques and exclusivity are Bad Things.  I stand by that but, as in all things, there are exceptions.  For instance, I’d rather the medical community exclude, say, serial killers, pranksters, and … Continue reading

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