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More Weird MS Symptoms

Way, way back in August of 2012, when I was just a young, naive blogger and more diligent about posting my thoughts on this platform–as in more than once every 3 months (sorry)–I published a little blurb I called “Lesser … Continue reading

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One more thing I hate about you (MS)

There are plenty of reasons to hate MS. No need to go into all of them here. If you have MS, you know. If you don’t have it, you don’t want to hear about it. Anyway, I’m not sure there’s … Continue reading

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MS stinks. We can all agree on that. It’s disabling, incurable, and only marginally treatable. It doesn’t get much worse than that. But… Let’s show some love for the doctors trying to treat it. Can you imagine a more difficult … Continue reading

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The amount of misinformation I encounter about Multiple Sclerosis continues to astound me.  Those of us who live in the MS subculture are exposed to the reality behind the disease via doctors, books, talks, and our own bodies.  For the … Continue reading

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Feelings, nothing more than feelings…

Like my previous list of weird MS symptoms, this one is not what anyone would consider devastating.  It merely adds sadistic insult to the painful injury of MS. To understand where I’m going with this, recall a time when you … Continue reading

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Lesser Known MS Sypmtoms

MS manifests itself with lots and lots (and lots more) of possible symptoms.  Some of them are pretty nasty.  Over the years, they just pile up until you’ve got yourself some serious disability. Here’s a partial list of some of … Continue reading

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Playing “Guess the Symptom”

One of the fun things about MS is that you never know if that symptom you’re experiencing is MS or something entirely different.  It makes life so much more interesting when you have to guess the cause of the symptom … Continue reading

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