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Bag the bags

[The worst thing a blog can become is a vehicle for venting. Nobody wants that. Occasionally, though, I have to let loose and channel my inner Andy Rooney. Sorry.] What’s the deal with all the bags at grocery and other … Continue reading

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Biking and Bad Lawns

I’m keeping it short today. First a recycled post: It’s fall and the bike path (my rolling home-away-from-home) has changed its character. Please read this four-year-old post for my musings on the topic. It’s every bit as applicable today. Now … Continue reading

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The greatest waste…

We’re all about conserving resources today.  Don’t waste gas, money, electricity, bandwith, time, food, water.  Yet, the world seems perfectly content wasting about 80% of the world’s greatest resource: human potential. This was brought vividly and painfully to mind recently … Continue reading

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