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The Slumbering MS Writer Awakens

I find it more than slightly amazing that it has been eight months since my last post in this blog. (Not including shameless advertisements for my books.) The guilt weighs heavily on my mind, but so do self-imposed deadlines. In … Continue reading

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Moving sdrawkcab…

In my last post, I hyperbolically decried society’s relentless plunge into automotive anarchy.  Today my target is the language.  It’s not just a matter of words and phrases losing their punch or even their meaning.  That problem has been painfully … Continue reading

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Blessed with MS?

Call me Polyanna, but I can honestly say I’ve been “blessed with MS”.  I’m not the type who is normally prone to empty optimism.  On the other hand, looking for the good side of anything is an appropriate and healthy … Continue reading

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Worms, Roxanne, worms!

(Note that the title has nothing to do with this post, except in the most oblique sense, noted below*.) I love words.  And when it comes to words, English is a treasure trove of the new and the old, the … Continue reading

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Be my “friend”

I think we were talking about the power of words.  Yes, they have tremendous power, but that potency can be reduced, even emasculated.  In my opinion, one of the best words in the language has undergone such a process. I … Continue reading

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Sticks and Bones

Ouch.  It’s been over a week since my last post when I said “come back soon.”  So much for the significance of words. I would like to continue on the thought of the power of words, but more the power … Continue reading

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Sticks and stones

I fancy myself a writer, so I think about words a lot.  Not just the meaning, but the effect of words.  A dictionary will tell you what a word literally means, but a perusal of the world around us will … Continue reading

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