Thanx #12

Thanx12It’s easy to maintain an attitude of gratitude.  There’s so much to be thankful for.  My problem is I don’t always remember those blessings.  In Days of Yore (as opposed to Days of Mye?) the folks in the Old Testament created physical reminders of significant events.  They used things such as “stones of remembrance”, “Ebenezers”, or even a rock pillow to mark places where God had done some great deed among them.

Me?  If I notice the blessing (a rarity) I use my pencil and notebook, not unlike Blue’s handy dandy notebook.  If they aren’t at hand, as is often the case, I hope my brain retains the information.  Fat chance.  These “thanx” entries could be written every day, if I had the time and presence of mind.

Alas, these infrequent posts are as much as I can do.  Here’s the latest list:

  1. People who slow at bike crossings – Life savers.
  2. Rain and sun – They both come in handy.
  3. Racing sparrows – Along one stretch of the bike path, these sparrows ride along with me as if racing.  I always lose, but it’s always awesome.
  4. Sugar Bake Shoppe – New hangout: great desserts and pre-desserts (a.k.a. sandwiches).
  5. Love – It’s still all you need.
  6. MS Cure Fund – Free food and MS education – does it get any better?
  7. Losing a chain – Sounds strange, but it taught me a lesson I needed.
  8. Losing weight without trying – Wouldn’t it be strange if Jesus meant it when he said not to worry about what to eat or drink?
  9. Five Guys in my backyard – So much for weight loss.
  10. My bike buddy, the Bee-dog
  11. True North Coffee Cafe – Good treats and more than welcoming to the handicapped!
  12. Celebrating God.
  13. Frederick Buechner – If there’s a more articulate writer about the heart of God and man, I haven’t read him or her.
  14. Water – “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
  15. Ayer bike path
  16. Prayer support – Need it, got it.
  17. Molly – Welcome.
  18. Mister Bunny – Our old friend and visitor.  Drop by and eat our weeds any time.
  19. Kid President – Do you need a pep talk?  Heck, yeah!  Get on the road to awesome!
  20. Dallas Willard – His insight will be missed.  It is already.  Welcome home, Dallas.
  21. The PB&J MS plan – Not the sandwich, the lifestyle.  More in a future post.

Glad to get that off my chest.

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