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Brain Damage

In days of yore, it was said that one of the signs of brain damage was writing letters to the editor of the newspaper.  Newspapers are all but passé now.  A new and far more accurate measure of such cranial … Continue reading

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Thanx #7

In spite of the fact that I spend far more time griping than giving thanks, there are far more things to be grateful for than to complain about.  Such wasted energy. I could have one of these posts on a … Continue reading

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Christ’s Great Sacrifice

[I can’t believe it.  I just went to write a new post when I saw that this post, which I wrote on 12/20/11 was still a draft.  I never published it.  The bad news is that it is now more … Continue reading

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MLK and other prophets

Today is Martin Luther King day.  There is little doubt in my mind that MLK was a prophet.  He brought God’s Word of justice and equality to a nation that didn’t want to hear it.  Like most true prophets, he … Continue reading

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MS and faith

The blog is called “Limping in the Light”, so I guess it’s time to attack that issue head on.  I’m limping (when I’m not stumbling) in the light of God’s love and presence.  How then do I reconcile chronic illness … Continue reading

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True truisms

The annoying thing about truisms is that they are usually true.  In spite of that, we usually dismiss them as so many meaningless words.  This is often to our loss because we miss out on important truths that could help … Continue reading

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After posting my last article, I realized that I’d left something out.  It’s understandable because I’d mentioned it before in another post.  Still, it’s so pitch perfect for the previous post that I’m placing it here as well. As I’ve … Continue reading

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Getting MS

It occurred to me recently that I’ve spent far more time on the “light” part of this blog than on the “limping” part.  Writing about Jesus is a whole lot more fun and interesting than about MS.  Still, I think … Continue reading

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2012 Dreams

A few minutes before the ball drops on that era we arbitrarily called 2011, ushering in the equally subjective 2012.  To paraphrase the previously mentioned Scrooge, What’s New Year’s but a time for finding yourself a year older, but not … Continue reading

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