Multi-Purpose Post! ®

mpppThis is is a Multi-Purpose Post ® or MPP ® to save time and keypad wear and tear. I have several things to get off my chest so I’m combining them here.

First, the Sept. 12 issue of Time magazine is required reading for all my friends with MS and anyone who is getting older. (That should cover most of you.) The cover article, “The New Science of Exercise”, discusses the most recent findings on the benefit of exercise to treat illness, overcome depression, and slow the aging process, among other health benefits. This is something I’ve experienced personally with my MS. It’s good to have science behind me.

Coming up soon is the darkest day of the year, spiritually speaking: the aptly named “Black Friday”, when people who spend most of the year complaining about how little money they have crowd into the Modern Temples of Stuff Worship to fight each other for the privilege of blowing their money on crap.

There is another way: #optoutside

I first heard of and wrote about this initiative in this post from last year. Created by the REI, a supplier of clothing and gear for fitness and outdoor activities, #optoutside has become a movement. Try it this year: Save your money and your mental and physical health by forsaking Walmart for the hiking trail, ditching Target for a bike ride, and skipping time with mobs of mad shoppers for time with friends and family outside.

If you’re thinking this is a gimmick to make money for REI, think again. They are once more closing their stores on Black Friday so their employees can #optoutside themselves. That’s walking the talk.

For my friends with MS for whom a hike is impractical or impossible, participate any way you can. Take the scooter for a spin. Walk your service dog. Drive out in the country with a friend. Do you really think spending time with frenzied crowds would be better for you than any of those activities?

As I said in that last post, opt out of insanity and join in humanity.


On the topic of Thanksgiving – the polar opposite of Black Friday – there’s no time like the present to rerun a golden oldie. Thus, here is one of my cartoons, first run here three years ago. Special thanx to my Renaissance friend Scott for his illustrious illustration.

Turkey RickToons

I guess it’s a sign of aging when I see all my heroes passing on. Just recently it was Arnold Palmer. This past weekend it was Leon Russell, the musician’s musician. I’m grateful I had the chance to see him in concert. He will be missed.

leonAnd when my life is over
Remember when we were together
We were alone and I was singing this song for you.

In what could be my last mention (the first is here) of the shameful fiasco of Nov 8, I quote the words of Frederick Douglass, which resonate as powerfully today as they did when he wrote them in 1845:

…between the Christianity of this land, and the Christianity of Christ, I recognize the widest possible difference — so wide, that to receive the one as good, pure, and holy, is of necessity to reject the other as bad, corrupt, and wicked. To be the friend of the one, is of necessity to be the enemy of the other. I love the pure, peaceable, and impartial Christianity of Christ: I therefore hate the corrupt, slaveholding, women-whipping, cradle-plundering, partial and hypocritical Christianity of this land. Indeed, I can see no reason, but the most deceitful one, for calling the religion of this land Christianity. I look upon it as the climax of all misnomers, the boldest of all frauds, and the grossest of all libels.

Amen, brother.

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2 Responses to Multi-Purpose Post! ®

  1. Nikki CB says:

    Lots of important stuff here. I just read the exercise article. Pretty amazing- and motivational. Thanks!

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